Wellness Coaching Testimonials

Hi Chere!
Over the last week or so I have noticed that many of my current wardrobe items just don't look right anymore, mainly because I have become fitter and slimmer so the clothes are now baggy. I have resisted the temptation to jump on the scale so the clothes have been my barometer of my progess.
Yes, yes, yes, - I am fitter and slimmer!!! I have decided to spend some time during the weekend to try on all my clothes, and any items that are now too big and in still good condition will be laundered and donated. Then, I will take time to shop for new clothes for the fitter and slimmer me!!! I am dazzling!
– Dazzlin’ Diana

Thank you for giving me tools to keep on track. I can do this! The biggest gift you have given me is the realization that setbacks don’t have to turn into a return to bad habits. I used to see setbacks as failures and would just stop trying. I don’t do that anymore and feel a great deal of freedom because of it. I can’t thank you enough.
– PG
Hi Chere! I just wanted to let you know my consistent workouts are finally making the difference. I have lost 4 pounds over the last month. Thanks for nudging me to get it going! Have a beautiful day!
– Cathy

I have been overweight my entire life until I was 38. I never thought I would get up at 5 am in the morning and go outside and run IN the winter. I love running in the morning. It is time for myself.
– B

I have lost 100 pounds! Chere Bork has changed my life.
– ES

My lab results from Dec 3rd to May 1st
Cholesterol 293 to 207
HDL Cholesterol 72 to 120
LDL Cholesterol 212 to 124
Chol/HDL Ratio 4.1 to 3.5
Thanks for your great coaching. Your diet and life style advice is the only thing I have changed,,,,, no medication, etc. Dr Olson is happy with the results and said I can wait a year to be tested again, but I am looking at checking it again at the end of August. Thanks again.
– RS

I have kept the 35lbs off that I lost, and it all began with your coaching. Thanks for your time and motivation to get me started down that weight loss road. I still exercise and try to eat..Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you and wish you the best in 2006!
– PK, busy wife, mum and teacher in Pennsylvania

Having just completed a 12-session coaching series with Chere, I can honestly report that there are a number of noticeable changes in my life, some subtle, some obvious and evident to everyone around me. I am not a person who lacks self-awareness or planning skills, I have good organizing skills and I am generally able to achieve my goals so, I wasn’t sure what benefits I might really receive from a coaching experience. I hesitated when considering a “life coach” not knowing what exactly stood in my way or what Chere might do for or with me. Initially, I approached her on the single subject of weight loss – a hurdle which for me, like many successful women, has had me “stuck” for years. My coaching experience with Chere achieved a number of results, some of them planned and anticipated, some of them unexpected and surprising. The work touched my life ion several levels and in many ways.

My results included:
• Learning what my motivators and obstacles to weight loss really are (and they’re not what I first thought) and learning to use this knowledge.

• Signing up for and attending Pilates classes and learning that, while I am not skilled at the smooth movements of Pilates, that I like the relaxation and feeling of using muscles I rarely rely on that came from these classes. This was so evident that I purchased a number of Pilates tapes and now practice the techniques at home as well as in class.

• Experienced an 8-week recovery from foot surgery and maintained my weight throughout that time of limited movement and healing.

• Designed a method that works for me to record my eating and allows me to periodically audit my calories, fiber, protein and carbohydrates so that I am confident that I live within a healthy parameter based on my outlay of energy for exercise.

• Committed to wear a pedometer daily with the goal of achieving the much touted “10,000 steps” my health plan wants me to complete each day. Even during a three-day state convention I must orchestrate, I got in at least 6000 steps each day. Now, building back from surgery, I am working my way back to 5000 and soon, moving on to that ten-thousand-step goal once again.

• Learned my complete body-composition (as measured by a physical therapist) and discovered how much muscle lies hidden under my fat. Realizing that I must not lose that muscle because it is my fat-burning engine, I now know how much resistance training and cardio-exercise I must do in order to shed the fat and retain the muscle.

• Beginning to recognize and list the healthy lifestyle changes that are taking place and noting some of the more subtle changes like what’s currently in my refrigerator and kitchen cabinets – and what’s not.

The coaching experience for me has been enriching, enlightening and exciting. I am engaged in making better (healthier) choices about my time, my food, my job, my family and the company I keep. For this I have Chere to thank.
– Paula S. Forte, PhD, RN