Remember me, the "Carb Queen"? Well, I'm happy to report a new me. Since Christmas, I have lost about 30 pounds, and went from a size 10/12 to a size 4/6…Thank you so much for your help! I really learned a lot from you, and feel it was well worth my time! Thanks again!
My son gave me some clothes for Christmas that are 2 sizes smaller that I have been wearing and they FIT!!! How wonderful! My body feels smaller. The knee pain has decreased and I am actually thinking I may not need the knee surgery this summer.
SO, went to the grocery store today and DID NOT EVEN GO IN THE CHIPS AISLE. Hmmmm. See?! Lost 2 lbs this week. Wooooo hoooo

Experienced wellness coaching, real results!

The greatest gift you can give yourself or your group is the gift of health, vitality and fitness. Executive Wellness Coach Chere Bork has been providing nutrition counseling for more than 30 years. She states "despite hundreds of weight-loss and fitness options out there, I have not seen anything work better than weekly telephone support and nutrition and fitness goal-setting with the support of a coach." Her expertise and training is based in proven, scientific research and the rigorous standards of the American Dietetic Association and American College of Sports Medicine. This experience and insight forms the basis of Chere’s wellness coaching program.

If you are ready to take charge of your nutrition, health and fitness with experienced help, Chere will assist you to:
• Develop your own vision of your wellness, and align your life with your wellness goals
• Achieve the one thing you will need for lasting change: A new mindset
• Help you inspire your employees or other group toward a life of health, wellness, increased productivity and energy!
• Develop a specific step-by-step plan to incorporate changes within your current lifestyle
• Empower you to reach weekly small step goals, adding up to large goals and big changes
• Make long lasting behavioral change and reach a higher level of wellness
• Avoid quick fixes and get real, long-term results
• Manage elevated blood sugar or cholesterol level

Individual personalized 3 month telephone Wellness Coaching program

Workplace Wellness includes onsite seminars, health fairs and teleclasses

As your wellness coach, Chere provides:

• Thirty years of nutrition and wellness counseling, including serving on the Wellcoaches faculty
• Seven years and over 2000 hours of wellness coaching experience, plus a Master’s Degree in Adult Education, with an emphasis on nutrition
• An ability to have empathy and understanding about your life and to come up with practical, realistic and workable ideas that fit your lifestyle
• Guidance to living healthy in an unhealthy world
Successful Healthy results!
• Experience working with large or small groups to implement realistic, inspiring and fun wellness programs
• Accountability, not guilt!

You can look better, feel better and wake up feeling more energy. Get the support and empowerment you need to put new strategies in place to get you the health results you want. EASILY!

Take a deep breath, and contact Chere! Your first session is free.