You ..
• lost the same 5 pounds over and over again?
• are tired of your clothes not fitting?
• are on a diet all the time?
• hate your bathroom scale?
• want to look as food as self care not another diet?
• don’t know where to start?

I know how you feel and I am here to help you!

In 12 short weeks, you can change the way you think about food (hint: there is no good or bad food) and…

• Have more energy from creating healthy daily habits (link to habits page) because you are in CHARGE!
• Solve your 5 biggest obstacles with strategies perfect just for you!
• Develop your own meal plan in your own “weigh.”
• Break your top 3 deadly behaviors that make you fat.

The LEARN Program For Weight Control is a sixty minute twelve-week weight and well-being coaching telephone workshop. This class is held over the convenience of your phone. You use the book The LEARN Program For Weight Control ™ by Dr. Kelly Brownell of Yale University. This workbook contains the tools to track your progress and reading assignments for the weekly class. Before the first session you will receive an email welcome packet, teleclass etiquette tips and the phone number to call at class time.

This class is offered as a twelve part teleclass or can be offered in person for the first class and the last graduation class and the ten middle classes meet over the phone. Class size is best at 12 – 16 people maximum. Class price is $25.00 per class and includes follow up emailed resources, a 30 minute individual nutrition coaching consult with Chere. (value $95.00)

Class Agenda: Ten minute participant checking in and telling about their “wins”, 40 minutes of course content – nutrition, exercise or stress, and ten minute check out with participants stating their goals for the upcoming week.

Program Features:
A class buddy
Caring fantastic group support
Foundation of science, fun and practical everyday living tips
Personalized meal plan
Individual nutrition coaching consult

Offered at:
• Corporations (February 2008 will be the 14th LEARN class offered at Medtronic)
Contact your Human Resources Department or Benefits Department and ask for this class to be offered at your company.

• Taste Life ezine subscribers

• Get 12 people who desire weight loss together. Pick a convenient class time for your group and contact Chere who can not weight to empower you to lose weight and be happy.

What are previous class members saying about the LEARN Class?

“I loved the convenient, over-the-phone group format which focused on positive self-talk, positive results and positive steps for change.”

“I loved having a buddy and Chere's ideas, insight, and her motivating and positive personality.”

LEARN gave me the encouragement to develop a food and exercise plan I can follow.”

“LEARN was a great way to look at healthy ways to create a new lifestyle without feeling that you're giving up everything “

“It is something that you can do for yourself to move your life in a more positive direction.” “I can't believe I finally eat vegetables and have learned to love walking!”

“Chere was warm and supportive of each of us in the group and skilled in facilitating group interaction. She helped us discover how to motivate ourselves. Run, don't walk to take a class from this talented woman!” Kathy Lewis, Director Clinical Practice Management Medtronic

Change your weight and change your life!

What are you weighting for? If not now, when? Click here for more results of this amazing telephone weight loss class.
Instructed by: Chere Bork MS, RD, LN, a Licensed Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian, Executive Wellness Coach, Life Balance Coach and Certified Teleclass International Teleclass Leader.
Chere’s style is energetic, warm, intuitive and fun
LEARN was developed by Dr. Kelly Brownell at Yale University. LEARN is a registered trademark of the American Healthy Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas.