Chere's presence is uplifting and inspirational. She connects with people and amazing results occur!
- Michele Auge,
GrowthWorks Consulting, Inc.
Chere Bork, hailing from Minnesota was a high-level, energetic speaker that brought life to the room and inspired attendees...if you are looking for a speaker that the audience will ask for again you will want to contact Chere.
- Lynn M. Edwards, RD, CD,
Wisconsin Dietetic
Association Executive Coordinator
Chere's energy and enthusiasm captured our employees' attention immediately. She is so genuine and her passion for healthy living shines through!
- Lynsey Hullopeter,
Program Coordinator,
3M Work and Personal Life Resource Center



Helping your group grow!

There is no better gift you can give your employees or group than the gift of inspiration, wellness and empowerment. Invest in your people, and watch them take charge of their health, their work habits and their lives! And remember, happiness and enthusiasm is good for morale, good for health, and good for productivity.

If your organization is looking for an interactive, dynamic speaker who can address work/life balance, and motivational and health issues with passion, energy and humor, look no further. Chere Bork is a highly-experienced motivational speaker, having appeared at fortune 500 companies across the country to speak on such topics as health and wellness, nutrition, overcoming overwhelm, work-life balance, stress management, and much more.

Chere Bork Speaking Demo Youtube Video
Speaking Demo Chere Bork MS RD Positive Energy Speaker

Inspirational, informative: Keynotes, Workshops, Seminars and Webinars.

Motivational speaking engagements may be formatted as 30-minute lunch and learn sessions, or 90-minute or full-day workshops. Some topics available in Webinar format.

The length of workshops and topics are joyfully tailored for your group.

Popular motivational seminars and workshop topics include:

Overcoming Overwhelm
• Learn the practical ABC formula of overcoming stress.
• Better understand where you are experiencing time stress and ways to buy time and energy.
• Identify your own top 3 immediate ways to keep your job, family, and your sanity.
• Leave this presentation ready to take 2 action steps to overcome your every day overwhelm.

kNOw Your Way to Balance
• Create your individual work life balance wheel.
• Recognize your need for boundaries to balance your life.
• Create a list of 10 daily habits that will energize your life.
• Identify your energy drains and do the popular “dump ceremony” of one drain.
• Learn how to say “no” to others and “yes” to yourself.
• Leave this presentation ready to take 2 action steps for life balance.

Healthy Self: Your Life Style Approach to Your Well Being
• Develop an awareness of our level of satisfaction with your Wheel of Health.
• Discover the top seven keys to optimum health.
• Learn the Stages of Change and identify what stage of change your health goals are.
• Recognize how optimistic your thinking is by taking the optimist test.
• Leave this presentation with your Wellness Vision and strategies to live it.

Top Three Secrets to Lose Weight
• Learn the most powerful motivator for you to lose weight forever.
• Take the Weight Loss Readiness questionnaire.
• Discover how to “nail” your eating triggers and high risk eating situations.
• Leave with confidence and tools for permanent successful weight loss.

Take Back Your Life ~Loving Life with Intention, Focus and Energy
• Recognize the warning signs of burnout.
• Create a template of your perfect day.
• Discover the number one secret of “time rich people.”
• Learn how to identify energy drains and “un-should” your life.
• Leave recharged with renewed energy and enthusiasm to take back your life.

Creating Positive Energy for Change
• Discover the 4 dimensions of energy and the power of full engagement.
• Learn the number one cause of your stress.
• Identify the six steps to increase your energy and decrease your stress
• Discover the three secrets to being happy that you are in charge of
• Learn the number one enemy of extra –ordinary energy.
• Leave with two doable action steps and feeling productive and energized

After this presentation, stressed out people had this to say,
"Chere’s wonderful energy and excitement for life and her audience energized me into action. I am ready now to take a better look at my life and focus on the positive energy around me not the negative. Thanks Chere, I am getting rid of my energy stressors starting today! I am in charge of my life .. I forgot!"

Chere is a Certified Teleclass International Teleclass Leader and these programs can also be delivered via teleclass to your organization.

Teleclasses (telephone classes) are perfect if you are looking for live, interactive training classes from the convenience of your office or home with no travel time that provide strategies and techniques you can use immediately. Chere’s teleclasses can be designed for 5 – 500 people.

Chere Bork Media Kit and Video Clips
Teleclasses also available!