I wanted to thank you for speaking at the Classified Day Conference January 9th in Eau Claire. I truly, truly enjoyed your enthusiasm and information. I have read, and re-read the materials you gave each of us and have shared with individuals who couldn't be at the conference that day. Thank you again...! Kathie
“Your handouts were so helpful to me. I expected to get one take-away from it, but it turned into much more than that. My project I dreamed about is turning into reality.”
- Steve Tonder – Medtronic

Health and Life Balance Products

Value Cards
Discover Your Energized Abundance

As successful and accomplished as we may be, we often don’t take the time and energy to actively pursue the life we would really love, the live that expresses who we truly are or what matters most to us …our values. Value Cards are a tool to help you discover your true values, which leads to energized abundance!
Values are
• The activities and interests that you are drawn to naturally!
• What drives your dreams and fuel your passions!
• When you feel your life has a sense of purpose!
• Values are your personal priorities
• Values act like your compass.

Values are never wrong. They reflect what is important to you, and how you see the world.
Values drive us without us even knowing it. Once you know your values, you will know the “why” behind your behaviors and actions.

The Value Cards lead you through…
Step one: Identifying your top five values
Step two: Assessing how will you honor your values
Step three: Planning awareness of your every actions for each value
Step four: Committing to live your values

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Price is $15



5 Ingredients For Healthy Living Cookbook
By the Registered Dietitian Sisters Laurie Meyer and Chere Bork

Cookbook Cover

Chere and Laurie have been empowering people for thirty years. They were raised with the philosophy “food is love.” They joyfully created and family tested these five ingredient recipes just for you.

This cookbook is your perfect kitchen companion for one month of 5 ingredient recipes. Using real food and no artificial ingredients, and making your food dollars count. These recipes provide more nutrition per cooking minute. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive; in fact less is the new more.

Imagine a meal of Chili Rubbed Sirloin Steak, Strawberry Spinach Salad and Balsamic Green Beans. Each recipe has only 5 ingredients, has the nutritional analysis and were created for their tasty appeal and health benefits.

An added bonus are the 5 ingredients for healthy living coaching tips which are scattered throughout the book - purpose, health, happiness, balance, and energy.

Ten Reasons Why You Need to Buy the Five Ingredients for Healthy Living Cookbook

Regular price is $13.00

Cookbook Cover
One 5 Ingredients Healthy Living Cookbook for $13

**Holiday Special Pack of 5**
Cookbook Cover
5 Ingredients Healthy Living Cookbook for $50

Smile CD Image
Mary Beth Carlson Smile CD $15.00

Cookbook CoverSmile CD Image
Cookbook and Mary Beth Carlson CD $25.00

Image of CD
5 Ingredients For Healthy Living Cookbook CD
This CD is perfect for you to use in your kitchen on your laptop.
Purchase One 5 Ingredients For Healthy Living CD for only $7.00

A downloadable version executable file for your Windows PC computer. This is NOT a CD. You will be taken to another site where you will download the zipped file. (About 6 MB)
Purchase One Downloadable Cookbook for $5.

Minnesota – PayPal will add 7.275% sales tax to total cost

All recipes have been triple tested by busy people just like you who want healthy meals fast.

So, If you want to
• Optimize your health
• Save money
• Create more time

Order today! You only have one life to live, imagine if it was one you loved!

Savor Your Life Greeting Cards
With matching energy red envelopes

Back of the card: “If you love your life, your life loves you back”
Cards are $2.00 each

Greeting Card Image

Savor Your Life Greeting Card
$20 for 12

Health and Life Balance Resources

When you attend one of Chere’s energizing workshops or do individual life balance or wellness coaching with her, you receive her energizing enthusiasm and empowerment. You don’t have to wait.

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Happy Healthy Resources

Free Articles From Chere For You

With the science of nutrition and health ever changing and as a Registered Dietitian, Chere keeps up to date with the latest and greatest information. Here are some of her favorite resource “finds” for you!!

Every month she adds more resources for you to “savor your life today” with balanced health and happiness. She would love to know if she can help you. Contact Chere