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I just wish we had a larger room for her presentations!
– Gen Barron, Manager Health & Wellness and Work Life, Medtronic
The attendees not only had the instant gratification of your presentation, they walked away with something to reflect on when they get back to their busy lives.
– Wendy E. Barsamian, Meeting and Event Management, 3M
Chere is incredibly intuitive, skilled, and fluid in conversation. She helps us see the things we're not seeing. Her bubbly spirit is always present with what's exactly going on. I'm forever thankful for having these times with her.
– Meghan Dushin, life coaching client
On more than one occasion (after watching Chere interact with someone—even a complete stranger), I have mentioned to people that I think her goal in life is to make everyone’s day. Give Chere the opportunity to come into your life and brighten yours.
– Kerry Schwalbach

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