Why a class on the telephone ~ also called a teleclass??

  • Teleclasses are convenient and hassle free and time saving.
    You have no commute time or parking time..just YOU time!!
    You can wearing your robe and feeling comfy or be dressed for success and no one will ever know!
  • Teleclasses are about connection.
    Class members often state that they feel connected to a diverse group of people with a common interest.
    WOW ~~ You get a global experience without leaving your office or home.
  • Teleclasses are about increased participation.
    Teleclasses are highly interactive because everyone is “sitting in the front row!”
    It is easy to share and be heard ~ and to ask questions and to get feedback. You can also choose to be in the “back row” just by sitting and listening to the teleclass.
  • Teleclasses make it easy to share.
    Due to the anonymity of the teleclass, many people say that it is easier to share personal challenges or situations.
    They feel it is easier to take more risks which can lead to greater insights and even breakthroughs.
  • Teleclasses make you feel NOT all alone.
    People often say that they feel great that they hear they are not all alone in their problems.