Chere’s Tips for Teleclass Etiquette

Call in precisely at the TIME of class.  If you must leave the class early, please notify the teleclass leader.  Simply hanging up is not courteous, and is equivalent to walking out of the class.  Please let the teleclass leader know ahead of time you know you will be missing an entire class.

  1. Use a REGULAR LAND PHONE rather than a cell or mobile phone IF possible.
    If you must use a cell phone come to class and we will be able to tell if your phone
    has a lot of static.
  2. Disable your call waiting feature.
  3. Turn off ringers on other phones/ machines in your office if at all possible.
  4. Please do not put your phone on HOLD as the entire class will be listening to music.
  5. Use your TELEPHONE MUTE button if available.  Background noise is a huge distraction.
  6. Please do not use a SPEAKERPHONE as the clarity and quality simply isn't good enough when broadcasting to a larger group.
  7. Identify yourself when you speak during the class so we all know who is talking.
    Example:  “This is Jennifer, and…”  This helps the class keep track of who is speaking.
  8. Participate to whatever degree you feel comfortable.  If you prefer to “sit back”  and listen, that is great too.
  9. When you share a quick story, ask a question, or answer a question, make your point succinctly.   With numerous class participants, please be sensitive to everyone’s need to participate, and the teleclass leader’s need to cover all material planned.
  10. If you must be a little late for class, call anyway.  It is better to be a “tish”

late than to miss the class.  If you are late, please wait for the teleclass leader to acknowledge your entry to class.  If the leader is talking, and doesn’t happen to notice you’ve joined, wait for an appropriate opportunity, and say, “Hi, this is Jennifer, I have joined the class…”

I truly look forward to our teleclass together.