Using my print enables me to remove the rose colored glasses I have for myself, help me check my natural reaction to a situation and allows me to more appropriate respond to a situation. My print helps me more readily articulate my strengths and remind me of what positive qualities/attributes I bring to the table. Calm and Energized
Phd Scientist
Taking the PRINT assessment was an important opportunity for me to take a look at my strengths.It was helpful for me to see "my personality profile" and the "potential shadow traits" in print.Processing this with Chere has been a powerful tool in my quest for personal growth.

“I believe all of us inherently know some of our strengths and weaknesses, but having the PRINT assessment at my fingertips is very helpful to me as I’m discerning other career paths and focusing on self-improvement. Seeing my potential shadow traits in PRINT – literally - helps me identity the characteristics I need to be aware of and gives me specific areas for growth. I would definitely recommend the PRINT assessment to others.”

The Print ® Survey

The Print ® survey determines your Print which is a revolutionary new tool that helps describe your personality. It has been called the tool that describes your “DNA of your personality.”

Your Print ® tells you:

  • How you view the world; why you do what you do; and why you react the way you do and how you relate to others
  • What is at the core of what motivates you and what can drive you absolutely crazy
  • How you process information
  • What you like to do and what you like to avoid
  • What makes you productive and what makes you unproductive
  • What your strengths are and possible weaknesses
  • Why some things seem easy in life and other things seem hard
  • A thumbprint of your personality through a series of questions

How does the Print ® work?

  • There are 9 major Prints® and every “personality” will fall into one of them.
  • Every Print® has its unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • Each Print® has an Unconscious Motivator ™ that drives the beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions of the Print.
  • Some behaviors are common among two or more Prints, but the motivation behind the behaviors are different. Unconscious Motivators ™ are they key to understanding Print® behavior.
  • No print is better than any other Print ®. Prints are not good or bad, just different.
  • Each Print ® has strengths (called “Best Self”) and potential weaknesses (called “Shadow”) that are unique to each print. A person’s natural state is Best Self. But sometimes Shadow replaces Best Self as a person’s automatic default, particularly under stress.

Once you know your PRINT you can:

  • Decide if you want to spend more time in your “Best-Self mode” and reduce the time spent in “Shadow-Self mode.” Studies have demonstrated that “Best-Self mode” increases your performance and productivity.
  • Have impact on your team at work and your career.
  • See your natural gifts as well as your challenges to becoming your “Best Self.”
  • You will discover insight into what people do and WHY they do what they do to be “heard” and received by others!

Print ® Strategies show you how to bring out the best in yourself, others and your relationships! It is a tool to build respect, understanding and communication for a rewarding and rich life.

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Chere is a Certified Print ® Coach and ready to empower you on your “best self” journey. Are ready to start being your “best” today? Click here to begin

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