More MAPP Assessment Feedback

"The MAPP activity I did with Chere was not what I expected. It was BETTER! It helped me make sense out of so many things in my life -- my job, my relationships with co-workers and family and friends, my values, my habits.

I felt like I got a better understanding of my values, and that helped me focus on the things I want in my life -- it encouraged me to redirect my energy toward the things that I truly value. I had a much clearer understanding of why I value some things over others, and why I get along with some people and not others! For real! I leapt into a new job, re-prioritized my agenda with school, and opened up a line of communication with my husband. Now we better understand and respect each others values...and behaviors!

It put things in a different perspective I hadn't considered before, and that was awesome. It made me think so much about my life right NOW, prompted some good laughs, and also encouraged me to move on in a new frame of mind. It was definitely the coolest assessment I've done of myself in a long time!"

"I spent thousands of dollars sending my kid to the perfect high school. And when he was done he had no clue as to what he wanted to be when he “grew up.” He took the MAPP. He loved knowing his skills and talents. He thought he wanted to be an engineer. Boy, were we wrong. Every single type of engineer was not the perfect job for him. He is going into the health care field as from the MAPP he learned that he likes people over data. He loved looking at all the career options and how they would fit just for him. I am relieved to pay for his college now and know that he can be happy with his career choice. It is worth more than $250.00.I can not thank you enough Chere!" Sincerely, Bill

"Thank you for all the help and guidance you have given me, it's really been refreshing to evaluate and answer instead of just dwelling. I needed to do something but I did not know what that something was. I was overwhelmed with all my options. I am done with overwhelm. I thank you Chere! T

The MAPP test helped me organize my ideas and weed out what was not going to work. Besides just helping me to find my new path in my career the MAPP test also reassured me that I was doing the right thing by leaving the old career behind. I have taken many career assessment classes starting in middle school and all the way through college but the MAPP is completely different.

It does not ask you "do you like working with tools" it gives you choices to pick from about every day occurrences and then you chose which sounds the most appealing to you. In the end you get a very helpful analysis about your self not just about your career path. The department of labor website that goes along with it is the coolest part about it. Once you have all this information about your self then you can see at what percentage you "mesh" with any job you can think of. It’s the perfect thing to just get you started and I would recommend it to anyone that is not happy in their chosen career.

If you need a change this is the tool for you."
Allie C

Hi Chere,
"Thank you soooooo very much for being the spark plugs that my brain needed, to get jump-started on my job hunt and take the MAPP assessment. Having had you as a Life Coach back in 2004, I knew you have the energy, structured mindset and compassion I could rely on to accomplish my goals. It's one thing to be accountable to a's quite another to actually look forward to talking with that person! You made me want to excel, because you were so enthusiastic about any little progress I made, about my abilities, and just by being YOU. Seeing how passionate you are about your job (and you hesitate to call it that because you enjoy it) really drives home the importance of finding a career that feels like I was born to do it....because I have experienced first hand that an ill-fitting job affects every single aspect of one's life. Thanks for reminding me to make sure I "savor" my life and not just survive it."
Elizabeth "Lili" Korbuly
Bilingual Office Specialist I

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