Coaching with Chere allowed for a MAJOR paradigm shift: away from "quick fixes" to learning to live a healthy LIFESTYLE, physically AND mentally. The combination of her nutrition experience, wellness tools and – especially – positive attitude allowed for me to effect LONG TERM positive change in my life.
– Kelly Wilke, life coaching client
Okay, here's the part where I continually thank you for being you. For helping me to see who I am, who I want to become, who I always have been when I stop being negative about things I cannot control…..when I stop trying to be perfect…..when I stop dwelling on the future and the past, and LIVE IN THE PRESENT PERFECT!!!  Thank you Chere, from the bottom of my heart.
- Mark Querna, life coaching client
I tripled my previous monthly income record this month.
- James Fenner McConnel

Individual life coaching: The basics.

Individual life coaching consists of these steps:

1. Complimentary 30-minute sample life coaching session. It is important for you to trust your instincts when hiring a life coach. This complimentary session will help you see if Chere is the right life coach for you. If it’s not an intuitive "fit," Chere will happily recommend a few other life coaches for you to call.

2. Life Coaching Assessment Call (45 minutes). This conversation will determine your first 90-day coaching goals and your primary focus, and will establish your coaching foundation.

3. Personalized Plan. Based on your initial assessment you will create a personalized plan with Chere that establishes goals both weekly, and for the long term.

4. Base Coaching. The heart of life coaching is three 30-minute to 45-minute coaching phone sessions per month. This is supplemented by email coaching at no extra charge, plus the occasional “power coaching call” (5 – 10 minutes) as required. The coaching call is the catalyst or springboard to an incredible week full of optimism and possibilities with specific action steps you are willing to take.

5. Homework. Chere will give you additional tools and “fieldwork” to be complete as you choose. Don’t worry, this is highly tailored to fit your busy schedule.

General individual life coaching information. Personal tele-coaching can be done during break times at work, or over a cup of coffee at home. A favorite coaching time is 2:00 in the afternoon after lunch but before your “afternoon push.” Another popular choice is early before work, watching the sun come up, drinking a favorite beverage and talking about your incredible life!

You will also learn to coach yourself prior to each session, using the Self Coaching Prep Form you complete before every coaching call. This ensures that you are learning to coach yourself, as well as getting outside support.

Cyber-coaching (coaching done via email) is another affordable option. Whether by phone or email, you work directly with Chere to plan and integrate success strategies into your life. You will get a virtual “hug” or “kick in the butt” when you need it the most!

For more information, check out Life Coaching FAQ’s and Fees

Or go ahead and get started today!


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