Learning How to Ride A Bike

A consultant tells you where to sit and where to put your feet and when to pedal.

A therapist discusses your fears about riding and the consequences of falling.

A parent buys the bike for you and may put on your training wheels and take them off when they think you are ready.

A mentor shares with you their experiences and expertise of bike riding.

A coach listens to your desire to try riding. Asks you if you need instructions on how to ride and asks you where you might get them. Asks if you like the color and kind of bike you’re about to ride. Runs along side the bike “checking in” to see if you’re enjoying the experience and asks what might make it more fun. Will help you discover what you need to take of yourself when and if you fall. And, when you stop the coach might ask you about your bike ride and what was valuable, and whether you want to pursue mastery of bike riding. If you do, the coach helps you devise a plan whereby you can attain that mastery. If you don’t, then the coach may help you devise a plan to sell your bike. The coach never leaves your side!

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