Group Life Coaching

Group life coaching is a great way to make connections and gain support from like-minded people who are making positive changes in their life. If you are an employer or group leader, there’s no better way to inspire and motivate your team to live healthier, happier lives.

Group life coaching sessions are in-person or over the phone and currently include:

Marvelous Monday Morning Club.
A GREAT week comes from a GREAT Monday. And a GREAT Monday comes from a GREAT telephone call with a bunch of marvelous people. Get your Monday, your week, and your life started off right with a 30-minute supportive group call each Monday morning, focusing on:

  1. Getting Inspired
  2. Taking Action
  3. Attracting What You Want
  4. Other topics: Saying No Means Saying Yes, The Gift of Time, Your Inbox Never Empties

Fall In Love with Your Life:  4-week or 8-week Group Coaching Class.
Life is what you are born with. Living is what you do with it. Learn how to live and fall in love with your life again!

  • Discover the first steps toward an energetic, balanced and successful life.
  • Enjoy the energy of the group wisdom and get “unstuck” and re-motivated.