I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me and I didn’t know what to expect. I can honestly say this was a life changing experience for me. Your kindness, insights and wisdom shared in such a personal manner have been invaluable. THANK YOU Chere”
– Debbie Moss, life coaching client
I called my mom after we talked this morning and she said, ‘Well, you sound like you're having a good day!’ I told her that I just got done talking with my Chere, so OF COURSE life is good!’
– Anne Potts, life coaching client
After a horrible year of spiraling out of control, life coaching has helped me to re-focus and get a new better grip on life, love and the pursuit of happiness! I found the accountability, honesty and openness to be tremendously valuable to help me get back on track.
– Kelly Lindell, life coaching client

Getting Started

Life Coaching from the heart. Sometimes a person can’t see what they really want, or, if they can, they can’t imagine how to get there. Life coaching is an ongoing, caring alliance that helps you move toward an authentic and meaningful vision for your life.

Most of all life coaching is an experience of deep, committed enthusiasm and support. With Chere on your team, you will have an unfailing ally and guide – someone to clarify and sustain your vision for your life until you are living it!

Overwhelmed? Life out of balance? Challenging life transition?
Burnt out at work? Commitment difficulties with your fitness goals or managing your time? Life coaching is a confidential and effective process to empower you to reach your life goals.

Life coaching can help you with:
• Identifying your true talents and joy, and creating a life that supports that joy!
• Life transitions such as divorce or career change
• Starting a new business
• Increasing current business
• Getting out of a rut such as fatigue, boredom or lack of direction
• Striking a meaningful balance between career, family and fun
• Exploring new opportunities
• Savoring your life!
Wellness, fitness and health

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Want a taste first? If you are ready and motivated to begin a professional relationship with a life coach, but want to see if Chere’s style is a good “fit,” sign up for a 30-minute sample coaching session today! Here are a few things to fill out to make the most of your complimentary session. If you prefer, you can also fill them out after you contact Chere.