“Cyber coaching allows me the flexibility to get the help that at need without having to set aside a specific time. I can contact Chere day or night and she responds when she is available.I can communicate with Chere while at work and do not have to worry about my coworkers overhearing my conversation .Chere dedicates herself very well through e-mail... I feel just as supported as I would talking directly to her!” Jenn
“Thank you for your energetic and encouraging e-mails Chere! I really appreciate the quick responses I get when I e-mail you with questions or concerns. Working with you is a joy and you are helping me to be the healthy person that I want to be! Thanks Chere!” Kyra

Cyber Coaching

Cyber Coaching allows a client to experience many of the benefits of personal coaching via email. This service can be utilized as an alternative or a compliment to the established services of traditional coaching. Clients determine their goals for the week and emails empower those goals with accountability and non-judgmental support.

Cyber Coaching gives you:

  • A dose of inspiration
  • A brainstorming session
  • Quick advice
  • A safe place to vent
  • Enthusiasm when you feel you are stuck

Cyber Coaching may be for you, if…

You want the assurance of having support on an "on-call" basis.
You are self motivated.
You honor yourself.
You enjoy choosing and customizing the timing and the content of each coaching session.
You want a flexible alternative to the normal financial and time commitments of traditional life coaching.

How is Cyber Coaching different than traditional personal coaching?

The traditional model of coaching, a client establishes a commitment of 3, 6 or 12 months of regular telephone or in-person communication, with their Coach. This goal-oriented partnership encourages inspiration, accountability, motivation and problem solving in a consistent manner. The commitment utilized in traditional coaching can be the key to success in situations where clients struggle with self-sabotage, fear, or the lack of necessary skills to reach their goals.

Cyber Coaching is not a substitute for traditional coaching, but in the right circumstances, it can be the perfect fit for some people's needs.

An initial one hour phone coaching consult is necessary to gain clarity and insight into what you really need as well as your learning and communication style.

How do I learn more about Cyber Coaching?

An initial 30 minute complimentary coaching session is the first step to learn more about Cyber Coaching and to see if it is for you. Click here to start living your dream to schedule your complimentary coaching session.

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