Complimentary Coaching Session

Before you decide to work with me, I highly recommend that you read more about life coaching.To prepare for your no charge, 30 minute complimentary coaching session do the following:

Step one, take this coachability quiz to see if you are ready for coaching.
Step two, print off and complete the Wheel of Life
Step three, answer these three questions.

To get a “feel” for coaching, read the analogy of riding a bike.

Reading the Testimonials might also give you some idea about the results of coaching.
Ready to fall in love with your life today? Not today? Well, when?

The complimentary 30 minute tele-coaching session is for you to have an opportunity to:

• Understand my coaching style and approach

• Feel the power of coaching and see if you are “ready” to take your life to the next level

• Receive one tip, tool, or strategy to start making your life easier today! Guaranteed!!

• Ask questions regarding the coaching process, fees, and scheduling, etc.

If we are a good match, we will then set up an ongoing coaching structure and you will leave this first phone call with immediate actions to make your life easier and more rewarding.

While I will be happy to explain my coaching procedures and philosophy in detail, there will be no pressure and no sales pitch in the call. There is no obligation or charge to you other than whatever your cost is for making the actual phone call. It is simply a time for you to determine whether coaching is for you, and for us to see whether we are a good match. If we are not a fit, I will be happy to recommend other coaches who may in turn offer you a complimentary session to sample their approach.


Savor Your Life Today, Inc Coaching respects your privacy. We will NEVER rent, sell or share your information with a third party. EVER!

Want to start your new life today, pick up the phone and call Chere at 1.952.937.5697 to schedule your complimentary coaching session.

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