Coaching Testimonials

Being with Chere on the phone is a great joy, and she's the easiest person to talk to. I could share absolutely anything in the world with her, Chere is incredibly intuitive, skilled, and fluid in conversation. She helps us see the things we're not seeing. Her bubbly spirit is always present with what's exactly going on. I'm forever thankful for having these times with her.
– Meghan Dushin

I have had the opportunity to work under a number of coaches in my swimming career as an age grouper, in college, masters, and now fitness as time permits. Through the coaching process, Chere rekindled some thoughts, principles, and desires I had had in the past. Chere helped me place that all important burr back in the saddle; the burr that daily routine, career pressures (or depressions), the flurry of daily living and raising a family seems to transform into a dull numbness. Well, I've decided that I want the full pain of the burr and that it is instrumental in my reaching out for a fuller life. Is Life Coaching for you? It is, if you have ignored, denied, or forgotten the very things that excited you weeks, years, or decades or ago. Let Chere rekindle your dreams and help you be accountable to the most important person in this world, yourself!
– Keith Nottingham

Chere has helped me to realize that I need to start taking care of myself, slow down and enjoy life, and that you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself.
– Gloria Stevenson

Things don’t eat away at my soul anymore and I live my life to its absolute fullest. I NOW know I must accomplish, seek calmness and have respect and know when these are not being met and have tools to get them back. On a scale of 1 – 10 I choose to be 100!! I am happy being Marijo no matter what!
– Marijo McBride, Q.M.R.P., L.S.W., M.Ed., University of Minnesota

Chere Bork is an extraordinary professional life coach, whether you are part of a group or meeting one-on-one she inspires you and guides you to bring your life into balance. In a fast-paced, stress filled, multi-tasking world, where it often feels like you are not in charge of much of what happens to you, Chere helps you discover strategies that focus on opportunities rather than problems and you begin to choose and shape your life directions and future.
– Beverly Ginther
Staff Development Coordinator
Minnetonka Public Schools

Thank you so much for your time, kind words and electric personality. It has truly been a pleasure working with you.
– Kimberly

Chere Bork is a cup of java personified: warm, comforting, and a jolt to your day....without staining your teeth!
– Lili Korbuly, Freelance Photographer

Hi Chere, I just wanted to send a thank you for our meeting on Friday. I felt so empowered when I left. Thanks for all the great information. I feel like you gave me the missing puzzle piece of a 550 piece jigsaw puzzle!! Thanks again too, for your kindness and empathy. I feel very supported by you and that means alot.
– Angie

Doing life coaching with Chere has helped me to get back my sense of self. I don't worry as much about tomorrow or yesterday, but focus more on what I need to get through today. I've also learned to stop waiting for the "big event" to make me happy - I can get as much happiness out of the little things. And I've realized there are so many more little things in life, that you can actually string together a "10" day with all the little things, if you know were to look. That's what Chere does, she helps you to find the right place to look.
– Lisa

I respect your work and your ability that you have to zero in on the details of life and tackle them. More than a handful of times over the past few months I consciously thought of your motto – life is easy; we make it hard.
– Margaret

I want you to know I got that job! I wouldn’t be in this position with going back to school, and getting a new job in a
different field without YOU! Thanks!
– EJ

I have been happier in the last 4 weeks than the last 4 years. I am happier because I have started a value driven life, including this new job.
JL - Living a value driven life!

Chere continually asks what takes energy away, and what gives me energy. For me, that's huge. Those two things changed my life.
– Leslie Jensen

I feel that working with Chere has opened my eyes to a different way of approaching things that comes up in my life. She has given me tools that have been so easy to apply to situations and was very supportive of me when I struggled. I truly felt cared about by Chere and felt that she was in my corner cheering me on as I worked on my goals. I looked forward to our phone calls because it felt like we were two very good friends talking about life over a good cup of coffee. I would recommend Chere to anyone need coaching in there life.
– Kathy B

Chere, thank you for touching my life. I felt that after working with you there were more colors in my rainbow. My two biggest wins have been feeling connected with my husband on every level, making my home life and family my #1 priority and loving it, and learning how to let go. And, with your coaching I have the confidence to know the path and move to Illinois will be a good one. Thanks for doing what you do!
– Christy

When I started working with Chere I was really in a dark, stuck place in my life. She inspired me to realize that “I am my own light out of the forest” and she offered me support in the form of questions, ideas, exercises so that I could take the steps needed to find satisfaction and joy in my life. She helped me take responsibility and become accountable to myself. She helped me find the people and things that really supported me. I made a lot of changes in the 18 months I worked with Chere, I moved twice, changed jobs, started healthier exercise and eating routines, became more positive myself. Through all of these things she encouraged, challenged and supported me. I don’t think I could have done it without her.
– Lynn Mader