"You pack the room! We especially enjoy your stories and take-away tools that can be used for more life balance."
- Lynn Jossi,
Senior Development Engineer, Honeywell
Chere has taught me to LOVE LIFE – it is exciting, interesting and enjoyable NOW!
- Rita Anderson, Admin
Global Underwriting
Chere is terrific -
she knows how to achieve visions and goals through incremental steps, combining emotional and rational elements. The result - creating lifestyle changes that are positive and powerful.
– Nathalie Wilson,
coaching client


"Change is not fixed by worrying or "mental treadmilling" rather by stopping and asking yourself, "What do I want next?"

"Our relationships are simply our thoughts"

"Life is what you were born with, but LIVING is putting GIVING in your life."

"You only have one life to live ` imagine if it was one you truly love!"

"Are you looking for happiness by choice or chance?"

"WAKE UP ~~ to a new day, ONE you have not LIVED before. IMAGINE THAT!"

"The first step in having a happy and joyful life is deciding what you want, NOT what you SHOULD want."

"I’m going to take a nap because I just have too much to do."

"A resolution is NOT a burden, but rather an opportunity to prove that you can achieve anything you desire – if you first conceive it and then truly believe it."

"Luck is believing you are prepared and ready for possibilities."

"You are not happy today! What makes you think you will be happier with more tomorrow?"

"Think you can’t have a delicious value driven life – savored to the last crumb, till your plate is licked clean? Think again!"

"If you keep on worrying about yesterday or tomorrow, you may miss your life today! Imagine that!"

"It is amazing when you focus on free time how much more you can get done."

"Give yourself permission to live in the moment and not feel guilty and you will taste the banquet of your life. Imagine that!"

"More is not always better. In fact, sometimes more stuff, people and things to do is just 'TOO much."

"When you KNOW better, you DO better and when you do better you LIVE better."

"When was your last savory moment? A “moment” is when time stops and you take a breath and realize your life is absolutely great."

"Loss is nothing else but change, and coping with change is the art of life."

"Change what you believe and you won’t believe the change."